Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How to place an order?

1- Select the product you want to purchase.

2- Select one option for each of the trim /fabric/laminate color, and the working surface/ by clicking one time on the square containing the option you want, The option will be marked with a square.

3- Select the number of units needed.

4- Now select the button ADD TO CART.

5- Go to VIEW CART and add your delivery address.

6- The CART will calculate the TAX, the FREIGHT, and the PACKING cost, and it will provide you with the total value. The VIEW CART will show you the details of your order.

7- If you have a coupon for a discount, please insert it as it will be deducted from the total amount. In most cases when the item is on sale there are no discount coupons are issued. If your purchase is over 50000 (fifty thousand contact us for negotiations)

8- You can always while you are on the CART delete any/all items selected and return to shop to select others before payment.

9- Once everything seems as you wanted, proceed to the CHECK OUT.

Are the swatches of Fabric/Laminate/Aluminum Trim/ Working Surface on the website exactly the same as in real life?

The samples are scanned with the highest possible resolution that accommodates the loading of the site. However, visualizing the photos may differ from one screen to another.  In many cases, we include the reference number of those samples where customers can check the original sites of the suppliers. For example, for the Aluminum trim when we write RAL 7044, customers can search for the same code. We are trying our best to accommodate our customer’s selection with the best possible available tools. In brief, there might be a slight variation between real material and the samples shown on screens.

What is the delivery time?

Our team will review your order, prepare your order, print the shipping label from the LTL company, and wait for UPS/FedEx/Freight Co. to pick up the order. Our team will need 24 HRS (but as of COVID-19, there might be a delay of 7-10 business days), to have the order ready for pick up by UPS/Freight Quote/FedEx.

What are the payment methods that I can use?

Customers can pay via; VISA, MASTER CARD, PayPal, Stripe.

How secure is shopping in the online shop?

Our site is protected, where you can see the HTTPS certificate issued by GoDaddy.

What exactly happens after shopping?

Our team will review your order, prepare your order, print the shipping label from UPS, and wait for UPS to pick up the order. Our team will need 24 HRS (but as of COVID-19, there might be a delay of 5- 7 business days), to have the order ready for pick up by UPS/Freight Quote/FedEx.

Do you do delivery inside?

Yes. What we mean by delivery inside is to deliver the crates/pallets to the inside as a package. The delivery to the inside does not include opening the crates or pallets. It only includes the delivery of the shipment packed. Each crate sizes are 58″x42″x46″ UP TO 84″X48″X48″ depending on the number of units,  The pallet size is 58″x36″x58″.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, you will receive an invoice for your products (As per the SKU numbers noted on our website for every item you purchased) , where it will show the value of the products, the tax, and the freight cost if requested.

How do you calculate the Sales Tax?

The Sales Tax is incorporated via a plugin that automatically calculates the Sales Tax.

Do you provide installation for the products?

Yes, we do an installation in Orange County and Los Angles through a third party. However, the products are fairly simple to install and do not need any experience or skills. The cost of the installation will be charged on a case-by-case basis.

No. Our standard units don’t come with electrical components. However, they can receive the electrical components where they have the nock outs and the raceways.

What if I received some or all of the shipment damaged??

Usually, our products are sent insured. So the customer may able to reach out to the insurance company to file a claim. This process is to be done by the customer as once the shipment leaves our warehouse it is considered the customer’s product and he owns it.

Do the standard cubicles come with pedestals?

No. Our standard units don’t come with pedestals. However, you can purchase this item from our online shop, as we have them in stock at an extra charge. Different models and colors are available.

Do you provide the electrical components for the cubicles?

No. However, our U and E brand can accept electrical components, as they have the raceway as a part of the panels we manufacture. Electrical components shall be purchased by the customers.

How long is the guarantee for your products?

It is a lifetime for the cubicles panels, for the same customer, and the same shipping address, based on a pre-approved third-party report.

What are the Alum trims that you keep in stock?

The standard Alum trims for the products we keep in stock are RAL7044 and RAL 9016.

Can I ask for special trims for Alum and Fabric?

Yes. If the order is with a value of $100.000 and above, any RAL color could be done, in addition to any Fabric Color. But time is to be pre-agreed.

Can you assist in designing my project?

Yes. For projects that have a lead time of 80-90 days, and a value of $100.000 and above, we can do all different types of proposals using ACAD.

In Projects, with a value of $100,000 and more and a lead time of 80-90 days, can I do sizes, colors, heights, trims …..etc, customized?

Yes. We can do any size any height any shape through our Unlimited and Ecoman products.

Can I return products after I purchase them?

Yes, ONLY if they have manufacturing defects, and after obtaining a verification certificate from a third-party inspection firm.

Can I cancel the order after I pay ?

Yes. but with 2 conditions:

1- The cancellation takes place immediately after the order is placed. What we mean by immediately is within 2 hrs. from the placing the order.

2- There is a cancellation fee paid to the stripe/PayPal. We will send you the amount once we receive the details from the stripe, and usually, it takes 7-10 business days.

Can I be a re-seller or a dealer for your products?

Yes. We are looking for strategic partners nationwide. You can e-mail us at, and we will gladly approach you.


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